Post-Divorce Challenges

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With your divorce decree in hand you’re ready to start your new life. The details of wrapping up your divorce may be as daunting as the process leading to this point. Look at a sample post-divorce checklist in our downloadable documents in the About Section. Each and every item in that list must be addressed or eliminated in order for you to move forward. The third phase of the divorce process focuses on design and planning for your new life. Children can increase the challenges exponentially. ETCA team members will walk you through this process, avoiding as many traps and unintended consequences as possible.

Unfortunately many clients come to us after a successful divorce has gone wrong. If there has been a significant change in your life that makes it impossible to adhere to the structure of your divorce, or you Ex fails to live up to the agreement, collaboration or mediation offer a better route than going back to court for enforcement of terms of your decree, or modifications. Whether we were involved with your original divorce or not, we can provide a professional opinion on how you should proceed.